MX Úštěk

This website is dedicated to motocross and enduro, is established for the purpose of sharing information, today people interested in this kind of sport. 
In Úštěk was this interest in motor sport in the years past. Unfortunately, without any organization, therefore remained only in the interest of individuals. 
When in 2009 the club was formed enthusiasts "MX Úštěk." There has been a revival of the sport in Úštěk and its surroundings. 
The aim is to motivate young people and increase the number of enthusiasts in our ranks. 
In 2012, 01.06 The club was officially registered as a civic association MX Úštěk. The club has 15 members who are involved in the system. 
The club takes care of the quarry motocross track in Dubičné. This training track is officially opened. The club has 4 members of the Order, which will manage this civic association. 
                                     MX Úštěk o.s.